A few words from our customers

My name is Cheryl Erb and I hope this email reaches those that have helped the State of West Virginia. I live in Charleston, WV and after the storm on June 29th, I was devastated. I am a 62 year old widow, living alone and no family here. I live on Lance Drive which is off a major road but it is also on the side of a mountain with 38 steps up to my house. The workers from BBE were in my area for two days and those men worked so hard in the heat and I never saw them when they weren’t busy at work. My power was restored on July 3rd so I was one of the fortunate people here. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate their hard work. I have asthma and ended up in the ER but again I was so lucky. Losing the food in your refrigerator was mild compared to not being able to breathe.

Thank you again to your company, the men who left their families and drove so far to help a state of people who were in dire need. It is truly seeing humanity at its best. Thank you seems so little when so much has been done.

I am originally from Arkansas and it made me so proud to see these southerners helping thousands of people.

Cheryl Erb

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Just want to share a huge THANK YOU to the guys who have been working hard to get our electricity back on in the Quail Creek Subdivision in Victoria Texas! Professional but very personable guys. Don’t know all their names but spoke with Danny Lewis. They did an awesome job and we are so very grateful! Please make sure they know how much we appreciate them!
Peggy Etheridge
I live in Lynn Haven, Fl - I would really like to thank y'all for everything you did for my town, after hurricane Michael. Our town really needed help and want you and your employees to know, I won't forget. Very grateful for your company. Thank you!
Glen A. Frock
Today 10/22 my mother returned to her home in Lynn Haven, Fl for the first time since Hurricane Michaels hit 10/10. The power had been returned to her street but needed a new weather head. We had contacted an electrician to install it. We called Gulf Power and Bryce said that it might not be today and likely tomorrow. I assured him it didn’t matter we are so grateful to have a home that we were in no rush and just wanted to be on the list for ready. Repairs done to home. Well 24 minutes later this team pulls up. Polite and great attitudes and in less than 20 minutes we have power! These men are away from their families and working under terrible conditions. Our Florida heat is brutal and the mosquitos fierce! Thank you God. My 87 year-old Momma has her home ready to go! Blessed. Tears. May God bless you all! (Virginia Scott aka Mima is calling the guys her Mississippi Electric Angels).
Shawna Ferguson
Dear Brien Blakeney,
I want to personally thank you for your support of PSO in restoring power to citizens in Oklahoma’s First Congressional District during the week of July 24, 2013. When natural disasters strike, it is comforting to know that we can depend on our neighbors to generously come to our aide.
Jim Bridenstine
Member of Congress, 1st District, Oklahoma
Hi, My name is Greta Smith and I’m from Charleston, WV. I just want to say how much we appreciated that your guys from Brandon were willing to come up to our area during a holiday and work in extreme heat just to help get our power back on. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!
Greta Smith
Charleston, WV
Dear Mr. Blakeney,
Thank you for the assistance you provided us in our restoration efforts following Hurricane Irene. Irene was one of the most damaging storms in our company’s history and we could not have completed our restoration to the nearly 750,000 customers whose service was interrupted without your help. Days before the storm, we turned to our fellow utilities for help. Soon, almost 1,000 line and tree personnel from 18 states arrived in Maryland, joining the 3,000 BGE employees working to bring our customers back on line. After the storm had passed and the extent of the severe damage was realized, we requested even more assistance and nearly 1,000 more came to provide support. Along with our own BGE crews, we owe tremendous gratitude to almost 2,000 people who left their homes and famalies so that homes and families in Maryland could have lights again. Therefore, on behalf of our customers, and all BGE employees, please pass along my appreciation to all of your team members for their contribution and hard work.
Kenneth W. DeFontes, Jr.
President & CEO, BGE
A note to let you know that I appreciate B&B Utility’s efforts in knowing Entergy’s work practices and procedures. I visit your job sites often and the work zones are well established and compliant. When coaching opportunities come up the employees are eager to learn and grow in knowledge. The attention to detail when doing energized work and following our Flash Mitigation practices are not unnoticed. I encourage them continually to keep doing it right and the way Entergy wants it done today.
R. Keith Murphree
Project Manager, Safety
As Hurricane Sally approached Florida, I knew we could count on you to help us respond to this changing and uncertain storm. Thank you for quickly responding to our request on such short notice. In addition to being grateful for your commitment, I also appreciated your team’s flexibility as several of your employees were moved within our service territory in response to the changing forecast of Sally’s path and intensity. Additionally, your crews adapted to the new safety measures we put into places due to Covid-19. They displayed tremendous professionalism under unprecedented conditions. With your help, within 5 days, we were able to safely and quickly restore approximately 285,000 customers who were affected ted in our area. I want to say thank you and want you to know that should you ever need our support, please don’t hesitate to call. It would be our privilege to support your team.
Michael G. Spoor
Vice President, Power Delivery
Gulf Power
Your crews got my and my neighbor’s power restored. MANY THANKS for working long hours to get it restored in our community. We can’t thank you enough for doing what you do!
R. Keith Murphree
Olivia Lowe
Magee, MS
2021 Winter Storm Viola
I want to give you and your guys a thank you for coming up to North Carolina and restoring our power after Hurricane Florence. May God bless your linemen and y’all. Thank you.
Matthew Lack
North Carolina
Hurricane Florence

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